Sinemaes Eisteddfod – Monmouthshire

a woman in a hat and thick glasses leans out of the window of a vintage car

SINEMAES – The National Eisteddfod of Wales

Film comes to the Maes for the first time, with a full programme of Welsh language features, special events and archive at the world renowned cultural festival, from 30th July to 6th August.

There will be activity on offer across all eight days of the Eisteddfod with screenings accompanied by Q+As and exciting live music commissions. Welsh features will be paired with shorts from the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales collection, to celebrate rural Wales on film.


Y Chwarelwr

Thursday 4th August
60 minutes

‘The Quarryman’ (1935) by Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards and John Ellis Williams was the first Welsh language ‘talkie’. Although three reels of the film were safe and sound at NSSAW, the fourth (final) reel had been lost for decades, so tv director Ifor ap Glyn decided to recreate it in order to present the complete story to new audiences. He used contemporary actors to do this, re-recording the dialogue from start to finish for the sake of consistency, and adding a new music score by Pwyll ap Sion. By restoring the original reels and adding new elements, this historic film was brought alive once more for today’s audiences. The film will be introduced by Ifor Ap Glyn.

Produced by / Cynhyrchwyd gan: Cwmni Da, National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales/Archif Genedlaethol Sgrin a Sain Cymru, Film Hub Wales/Canolfan Ffilm Cymru, Chapter

Memory Lanes –
Rural Wales on Film

90 minutes

‘Weren’t they good old days? In this selection of films from the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales collection, we catch a rare glimpse of the characters and communities of 20th century Wales. From rural and village life to community celebration, from the fun of the fair to the buzz of the ‘Eisteddfod’, we discover that life in the old days was not black and white at all, and that Welsh cameras from Anglesey to Monmouthshire captured aspects of life that were untouched by the newsreels or Hollywood!’

Produced by / Cynhyrchwyd gan: National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales / Archif Genedlaethol Sgrin a Sain Cymru

Hedd Wyn

Tuesday 2nd August
123 minutes

A young poet in North Wales competes under his bardic name of Hedd Wyn for the Chair, the most coveted prize of all in the National Eisteddfod, but before the winner is announced he is sent to fight with the English in the trenches of the First World War. The wonderful cinematography that starkly contrasts the beauty of his home in Meirionnydd with the horrors of Passchendaele demonstrates the futility of war in this, the first film from Wales to be nominated as Best Foreign Language film at the American Academy Awards.

Produced by / Cynhyrchwyd gan:Film Hub Wales/Canolfan Ffilm Cymru, Chapter, National Eisteddfod of Wales

Gwaed Ar Y Ser

Thursday 4th August
60 minutes

A group of celebrities are scheduled to appear at a concert in a village hall. An elderly man and his choir of schoolchildren, fearing that the celebrities will steal their limelight, take drastic measures to stop their appearance, by murdering them. This film will appear in the Welsh language without subtitles, with a live music interpretation from H Hawkline.

Produced by / Cynhyrchwyd gan: Film Hub Wales/Canolfan Ffilm Cymru, Chapter, Huw Hawkline

Y Syrcas

Saturday 30th July
93 minutes

When a Victorian travelling circus visits Tregaron in Ceredigion, they offer much more than entertainment for Sara, a young girl who is trapped by her grieving father’s strict rules and religion in a village seeped in superstition. Director Kevin Allen (Twin Town) tells this heart-warming and often funny tale about the town’s relationship with the troupe and Jwmbi, an elephant who died and was reputedly laid to rest behind the town’s Talbot Hotel in 1848.

Produced by / Cynhyrchwyd gan: Abergavenny Film Society/Cymdeihas Ffilm y Fenni, Film Hub Wales/Canolfan Film Cymru/Chapter