Sounds of silents – Norfolk

SOUNDS OF SILENTS – in Norfolk and Suffolk

A sequel to the successful BoF Urban event held in Norwich 2015.

Coordinated by Cinema City Education, more information at


Octagon Chapel, Norwich Sound & Vision Festival

14th October

A selection of archive films of rural Norfolk and Suffolk from the East Anglian Film Archive will be accompanied by unique soundtracks from upcoming acts. The event will feature sets from contemporary alternative/classical composer Alex Carson and fellow members of his band Wooden Arms, ambient drone-folk Broads and two-piece powerhouse Sink Ya Teeth.

Alex Carson & Wooden Arms

Alex Carson is a composer, musician and member of Wooden Arms, a contemporary quintet who draw from Alternative, Classical, and Trip-Hop music. Their new record, and subsequent single ‘Burial’ marks a change in sonic texture from their first album “Tide” released on Butterfly Collectors in October 2014. This new sonic palette is markedly more contemporary for the band, and heralds something of a departure from the classical chamber music stylings of the first album. Enthused with the rhythmic sensibilities of Portishead, blended with the ethereal melodies of Sigur Ros, Wooden Arms’ instrumentation has grown to include more electronic production elements. Their new recordings see the band decidedly shake off the shackles of ‘Folk music’ pigeonholing, towards something newer, darker, more strange……

Alex will be creating an original score and performing it live with members of Wooden Arms as part of this year’s festival.

Sink Ya Teeth

Formed at the tail end of 2015 from a desire to create “songs that you can dance to”, the pair have coupled the uniquely unsettling vocals of ex-Girl In A Thunderbolt Maria Uzor with the heavy bass lines of ex-Kaito Gem Cullingford to form a powerful and mesmerising two-piece, minimal in sound, but with a primal ferociousness that reflects the bands’ name.